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VanEck Unveils the Launch of its Community NFT Collection


United States’ top investment company, VanEck announced today the launch of its Non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection. The launch of the collection is programmed to focus on the VanEck cryptosphere displaying the real-life use of the unique digital asset.

Over time, many crypto innovative use cases have seen the representation of blockchain technology either as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or as NFTs. The Non-fungible token’s adoption is gradually gaining relevance globally. It gives users ownership of a unique digital asset that is located in a virtual world.

Even Ukraine, amidst its feud with Russia, had decided to dedicate an NFT to depict the history of the Russian invasion through a museum of the Russia-Ukraine war. Several other industries are introducing non-fungible tokens into their diverse modes of payment like the National Football League (NFL) which introduced ‘virtual commemorative ticket’ on the blockchain in 2022 for its games.

A lot of NFTs have been in circulation including the JPMorgan Virtual Lounge ‘Onyx’ which was launched on the metaverse in February. The lounge is located in a virtual mall known as Metajuku Mall, an imitation of Harajuku Shopping Mall in Tokyo.  

Hammy on the VanEck Community NFT

The unveiling of the ‘VanEck Community NFT’ does not come as a surprise as the fund manager has been leaning towards crypto in recent times. This will be a new creative strategy to pull crypto-inclined individuals, firms, and investors toward the VanEck cryptosphere.

A total of 1000 Ethereum (ETH) related tokens will be discharged via an airdrop to users who owns a digital asset wallet address and expresses their interest by signing up on the project’s portal. Successful users will automatically own a membership card that grants them access to key research information and invites them to exclusive events and symposiums.

NUMOMO, a Seoul-based NFT agency has been charged with the design of the NFTs. The character that VanEck wishes to depict with this project is Alexander Hamilton who would be dubbed ‘Hammy’. His financial history will be expressed in timelines; his past, present, and future exploration of monetary policies including other characteristics that made the achievement feasible.

The VanEck NFT is categorized into 750 Common, 230 Rare, and 20 Legendary pieces respectively, with each having its own inherent access.

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