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Unstoppable Domains Partners With MoonPay to Pilot Easy Crypto Transactions


Unstoppable Domains has partnered with cryptocurrency platform MoonPay to help ease the stress of purchasing crypto on its platform. According to the blog post detailing the partnership, users can now buy crypto assets on the Moonpay platform by using an Unstoppable domain name peculiar to each crypto user.

Usually, users purchase crypto assets on MoonPay’s platform by inputting their wallet addresses. Seeing that the wallet addresses are long and can be confusing, the partnership with Unstoppable Domains will now ease that stress.

Unstoppable domain names will be created for each user on the MoonPay platform and will replace the regular wallet addresses. Unstoppable Domains noted that it is looking at “making getting your crypto as simple as sending an email”.

In celebration of the new move, Unstoppable Domains said it will be giving all MoonPay active users the sum of $40 which will be credited to their various accounts. This fund can be used to get a Domain name.

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO and co-founder of MoonPay, Ivan Soto-Wright said that the two partners in this recent move share a similar mission of sponsoring innovation in the web3 space. 

He added that while MoonPay ensures that payment is made easy for crypto users, Unstoppable Domains simplifies the complexity of having to input long wallet addresses before payments are made.

In addition, the SVP of Business Development for Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter noted that it doesn’t matter if an individual is new to crypto or not, the new partnership ensures that everyone has a great experience in the web3 space.

MoonPay has often facilitated developments and innovations in the crypto ecosystem. Ivan noted that despite the current elongated nosedive of the crypto market, there is a promising future for the Web3 space.

Last month, MoonPay launched an NFT minting platform which is dubbed HyperMint. The platform partners with major entertainment and filming companies to create and release various digital collectibles.

In March, the crypto payments firm purchased a World of Women NFT valued at $754,340. The payment was made in Ethereum (ETH), and the purchase was made to motivate women into the digital collectibles space.

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