This Two Israeli Credit Card Companies Have Integrated Bitcoin Services


Isracard and Max, both prominent credit card companies in Israel have announced the integration of Bitcoin (BTC) investments and payback options into their services. While both companies made the announcement at separate times, the firms have opened up opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to invest in digital assets.

According to a report from Calcalist, the bold move from both firms will allow their subscribers to conveniently invest in bitcoin, easing the stress and difficulty of purchasing the virtual asset from regular dealers.

Isracard will be launching the new credit card product in conjunction with Altshuler Shaham Horizon, a crypto-financial services provider, who will serve as the vendor for all BTC purchases. 

The Bitcoin will be purchased through the Isracard MasterCard credit card and parts of BTCs could be purchased as low as NIS 150 or even more.

The Deputy CEO of Isracard, Hagar Ben Ezra noted that while the crypto sphere is embedded with numerous uncertainties, it sure is an “innovative field” that has developed and with profitable potential. Hence, the company is giving a couple of its customers the opportunity to delve into the virtual space.

Subscribers do not need to have had Bitcoin wallets before acquiring the card. The credit card is programmed to be fast, safe, and secure. The Max card was launched in collaboration with Bits of Gold, a digital currency exchange firm also based in Israel.

The partnership with Bits of Gold will ensure that customers trade bitcoin will low purchase and conversion fees, eliminating cryptocurrency middlemen.

Confirming the news, a tweet on the official Twitter handle of Bits of Gold reads, “we are excited to launch, in collaboration with Max the MaxBack Crypto card – the first credit card in Israel that turns your purchases into Bitcoin!”

Financial Services Firm Bullish on Bitcoin 

Corporate banks and virtual financial services firms have in recent times had a great influx into Bitcoin investments on behalf of their customers, usually because of the deep interest of the latter in the crypto asset.

Earlier this month, two major banks in Argentina, Burbank and Banco Galicia integrated BTC investments into their services.

Shortly after that, a prominent pensions manager in the US, Fidelity Investments also announced a retirement savings plan that allows its customers to invest in Bitcoin. United States authorities are still skeptical about the Fidelity 401(k) BTC-backed move.

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