Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Theta Labs in Partnership with Sony Electronics Unveils Special NFTs

Theta Labs, owners of a media and entertainment-focused blockchain, Theta Network as well as streaming site Theta.tv together with Sony Electronics is set to unveil a special kind of 3D Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) minted to be viewed using the new Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD).

The Sony SRD is a monitor which reproduces spatial images in three-dimensional (3D) patterns as if they were real. It can be seen without the use of special glasses or additional appliances by the naked eye. The SRD projects the picture in sync as the observer rolls his head in any way, producing the sensation of a solid 3D object.

Therefore this special kind of NFT initiated by Theta and Sony is going to be sighted on SRD in augmented reality without the use of conventional 3D appliances.

Theta Lab’s Mitch Liu mentioned that the NFT and the metaverse now have an enormous capacity for 3D visualization even though the NFT space is composed of 2D pictures and videos. He added that the metaverse is already 3D and it is therefore important to help users picture and display projects in a manner that is physically present.

Sony’s Chief Executive Nick Cosley pointed out that the new NFT will assist Sony’s Spatial Reality Display to exhibit its abilities to the metaverse and NFT fanatics.

One of the SRD-based NFTs, dubbed the Tiki Guy, a 3D Tiki Mask is going to be in a limited version as only ten copies of it will be minted. Holders of the NFT resident in the United States will receive a free SRD which retails for $5,000. There will also be 2D samples of the NFTs.

The SRD-enabled NFTs will be available on Theta’s marketplace, ThetaDrop. ThetaDrop has hosted several NFT projects like collections from the game show “The Price is Right” and Katy Perry’s NFT collections.

Meanwhile, Theta in February partnered with Samsung to release a range of NFT collectibles to commemorate the release of two Samsung flagship devices; the Galaxy s22 and Tab S8.

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