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Texas City Fort Worth City Expands into Crypto Mining


Fort Worth, a city in Texas has commenced a city-manned Bitcoin mining project this week thereby making it the very first city in the United States to do this.

In promoting this program, the Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) which is a blockchain advocacy body made up of active players in the sector has donated three Bitmain s9 model bitcoin mining computers to the city, thereby aiding the launch of this program.

With this donation from the TBC, one which was duly received and accepted by the Fort Worth city council, the mining program kicked off on Tuesday afternoon with the mining machines set up in a climate-regulated room in the information technology solutions department data center which is located at the City Hall.

Speaking on why the city chose to tow the path of Bitcoin mining, Fort Worth Mayor, Mattie Parker said that he wants to make the city a technology-friendly one, and blockchain technology happens to be one of the most efficient ways to make this happen. According to the mayor, the tremendous commitment that TBC has shown to this program has set the city in motion for this desired future.

Parker mentioned that the donated mining computers would run on a private network to ensure adequate network security and that a robust program evaluation would be conducted by the end of six months to ascertain its effectiveness and a possible expansion.

As regards the energy consumption of the miners and how the city plans to offset the accruing energy cost, city officials said that each machine is projected to utilize an estimated 3,900 to 4000 watts of power which is comparable to a home type vacuum cleaner; while for energy cost, the city plans to have this sustained through the financial value that would be reaped from the mined Bitcoin (BTC).

While countries like China continue to push against bitcoin mining, the state of Texas is gradually growing to become the Haven for Bitcoin miners due to its favorable policies on crypto mining and the availability of cheap energy.

According to the TBC, Texas is currently home to about seven mega-mining firms and it is the preferred destination for many other crypto miners looking to migrate into the US.

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