Saudi Digital Academy Collaborates With Swiss BSV Association to Launch a Blockchain Academy


A Blockchain Academy is on track to be set up in Riyadh as mutually agreed in a memorandum of understanding signed by the Swiss-based BSV Association and the Saudi Digital Academy (SDA).

BSV Association, which is a non-profit organization, is known for advancing Bitcoin Satoshi Version (BSV) and also pursuing digital currency and blockchain innovation. Its partnership with the SDA which specializes in digital and communication education, to establish a blockchain academy in Saudi Arabia, the first in the Middle East, can be said to be a journey toward improving the country’s digital, economical and technological welfare.

The state of living in the country is bound to be affected by the new partnership as it was specifically noted that through the new blockchain academy in Riyadh, the BSV association and SDA will collaborate to provide blockchain learning and development resources for a variety of audiences – including developers, students, start-up entrepreneurs, business executives and government agency representatives.

The report also stated that the academy will focus on the BSV blockchain, an enterprise-grade network that can support big business and government-scale data applications. Based on the superiority of the BSV blockchain, it can positively affect the cyber network and security infrastructure of the country.

Blockchain Technology Taking Over The World.

Saudi Arabia has joined the quest to participate in contributing to the blockchain innovation project rampaging the Internet of things (IoT). 

Not wanting to be left behind, Saudi Arabia joins other social media giants like Twitter and big tech companies like Meta Platforms Inc and Alphabet Inc to participate in the implementation and research into the growing world of Blockchain. 

This related move showcases the adoption of blockchain by Alphabet as previously reported by Cryptomarketsbeat. The intention of Google is to improve its AI system and search engine through the adaptation of blockchain into its core service offering. Twitter on the other hand has already incorporated this new innovative technology into their platform as they offer a tipping jar for users. Through this service, users can tip one another with cryptocurrency.

The SDA partnership with BSV Association of Switzerland on the other hand sought to develop, educate the youths in Saudi Arabia and “prepare them for careers in the communications and IT sector that advance the Kingdom’s digital transformation and ‘Saudi Vision 2030.”

The new initiative to implement this innovation has become the big picture of the internet of things, and the world is diving into it as the future of digital and technological innovations.

Bright Felix
Bright Felix is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency journalist, and also a Financial Analyst in the foreign exchange market, who fancies writing about the innovative proceedings of Blockchain technology and its application in real life to further broaden the general acceptance and incorporation of the modern technology. His passion to instil knowledge in people on the aspect of the present invention on the Blockchain space is what motivates his adept participation in every area that contributes to expanding the awareness of Blockchain technology.

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