Friday, September 30, 2022

Revolut CEO Breaks Silence on Russian-Ukrainian War, Promised up to £1.5M in Funding to Ukraine

Revolut founder and CEO Nikolay Storonsky, in a publication regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, noted that the conflict between the two countries was unthinkable and unheard of.

The billionaire entrepreneur said in the publication that the ongoing war between the Eastern European countries is unnecessary. He stated that he saw the countries more like brothers and as such, he was not expecting diplomatic ties between them to degenerate. 

In demonstrating his spirit of brotherhood, Storonsky said he founded Revolut with Vladyslav Yatsenko, a Ukrainian, being a British Russian himself. He said at the time, it never mattered where they came from as they acted as if they were one with the same vision and purpose.

Storonsky, born to a Ukrainian father said he has deep love and concern for both countries. The violence and tension between the countries in the past week appear to be unbelievable and terrifying. Although he is convinced that there will be a diplomatic solution to the issue at hand.

The Revolut CEO said the fact that he has colleagues in both countries makes him very worried. Nevertheless, he confirmed his primary concern is in their well-being and safety because he feels they have done nothing wrong rather than assist in developing Revolut and also render assistance to their own families through their hard work just like other colleagues based elsewhere around the world.

Revolut through its app has personally assisted customers in some European countries, some of which are the UK, Ireland, Austria, Singapore amongst others in a free fee donation enabling them to donate over £1million within the range of 24hours. The firm also guaranteed that people who desired to transfer money to Ukrainian banks could do so without any associated transfer charges.

Revolut also promised to help support displaced Ukrainians by matching every contribution in pound, euro, Zloty, or franc made to the Red Cross up to £1.5 million spanning the next 7days. He hopes that the commitment will support the victims of the war.

Besides Revolut’s commitment, a number of organizations including Binance and Mastercard amongst others have also lent their support to the relief efforts ongoing in Ukraine.

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