OpenSea Adds Support for Polygon, Launches New Features


World-leading NFT marketplace by trade volume, OpenSea, has announced that it is adding support for the layer two scaling solution Polygon. The platform revealed this via a Twitter announcement earlier today, where it claims that the integration will bolster its plans to start using its Seaport protocol. Part of the tweet read:

“Starting today, we will begin using Seaport for all new listings and offers on Polygon!”

Using Seaport on Polygon allows for several extra features, says OpenSea

According to OpenSea, the integration of Polygon with its Seaport protocol will help it launch many new features. Some of the features include bulk transfers, multiple creator payouts, zero listing thresholds, and collection and attribute offers.

However, what appears to be the most impressive of the new features is the support for MATIC – Polygon’s native token. That is, users may now list and buy on the OpenSea marketplace, using the token. It wrote:

“OpenSea now supports using $MATIC, Polygon’s native token, as a payment option.”

Why migrate to Seaport Protocol?

Before, OpenSea operated on the Wyvern protocol. However, for reasons bordering on reducing gas fees, it has also been eyeing a transition. So, in June, the platform announced that it would migrate to Seaport, an open-source marketplace protocol. According to OpenSea’s claims in the June announcement, the move would save it nearly $460 million in total fees yearly.

But apart from the high gas fees, other considerations necessitated the change. OpenSea was also looking to make signature confirmation actions easier. It also hoped to ensure that users will not have to pay the usual account setup fees.

It is also worth mentioning that, for the times ahead, OpenSea has other intentions. Other than the new integration of Polygon, it confirms that has plans to add support for Klaytn and other EVM-compatible chains as well. However, those will come in the coming months.

Mayowa Adebajo

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