NYDIG Offers Bitcoin Salary Payment Products for Employees


New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) has dispatched a benefits strategy for employees to convert part of their earnings to Bitcoin (BTC). According to the company, the employees decide on the percentage they wish to translate to BTC, not the participating firm registered with NYDIG.

The financial operations firm has formed collaborations with participating companies who are offering their workers a chance to be paid in Bitcoin. A survey shows that this is a welcome development as it has been embraced by 33% of employees under 30 years.

The older staff have not fully accepted the concept behind this scheme. So far, just 11% of those over 60 have agreed that the subject could be considered. Parading himself as one of the first to offer the benefit, is National Football League (NFL) Superstar Drew Brees. The celebrity plans to harness the payment scheme to recycle a fraction of his income to Bitcoin. 

Everbowl and StretchZone are also making similar efforts towards doing the same for their employees. The Bitcoin Savings Plan is gradually gaining popularity as it parades itself with the hashtag #PaidInBitcoin. Stakeholders in the entertainment industries are not left out as Fertitta Entertainment, owned by hospitality business tycoon Tilman Fertitta, will be proposing the privilege to staffers of the Houston Rockets.

Fertitta previously penned an auspice deal with NYDIG, paid in bitcoin and to corporate employees of luxury restaurant giant Landry’s. Different corporations and firms also deliver this benefit including Coinbase, BitWage, and BitPay.

Strike operates a slightly different model of this offering on its platform, employees are allowed to change their salary into digital assets by themselves.

Side Attractions for Great Hire

Notably, firms can influence the level of intelligence and productivity of recruits by leveraging on the attracting powers of BTC. The converted bitcoin will be held in NYDIG’s industry-leading, 100% cold repository system–known as the protected way to safeguard Bitcoin.

According to NYDIG, coin holders have their salary, part or full, secured and their financial future placed in safe hands. Employees are at liberty to choose whatever percentage works for them. The financial firm is offering a no-fee charge on trades and depository of these salaries #PaidInBitcoin

Victoria Nye
A Blockchain columnist who is enthusiastic about developing a network interface between the real world and the cryptosphere.

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