NFL Launches 2022 Virtual Tickets NFT on Flow blockchain


Ahead of the 2022 NFL draft slated for April 28-30, the National Football League (NFL) on its platform announced the launch of new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles with a focus on the 32 teams in the league in commemoration of the occasion.

The new NFTs are called ”virtual commemorative tickets.” Although they will not be used for entry on the night of the live event in Las Vegas, instead, the NFL will make some of the virtual tickets accessible to the public according to FAQs from Ticketmaster’s platform.

52 NFT collectibles priced at $52 each will be allocated to each of the 32 teams. The draft-focused NFTs will be minted on the Flow blockchain as opposed to the Polygon network, the Ethereum sidechain scaling solution usually deployed by the NFL for its previous NFT drops, the NFT items appear like playing cards.

A representative of the league also added that all Inner Circle guests – several selected fans representing each team on the night of the event, will also receive NFTs in a prize promotion contest for two days.

NFL and the Growing NFT Adoption

Although NFL teams are still not allowed to own fan tokens which can be exchanged to afford its holders some level of team-related power or promote specific cryptocurrencies. 

As the integration of NFTs into the sporting world continues to grow, the NFL recently adjusted its rules to allow league teams to sign partnership and sponsorship deals with blockchain firms after it had earlier banned any blockchain-related.

The adjustment to the rule saw Dallas Cowboys sign a sponsorship deal with recently while about 13 other NFL  teams have penned a marketing partnership with Socios, a fan token firm. The deal is fashioned to offer market-specific rewards to team fans.

The NFL had previously used its platform for virtual commemorative tickets based on Super Bowl LVI and likewise for previous Super Bowl championship games.

NFL legend, Tom Brady also announced his retirement from the sport to concentrate on Autograph – an NFT platform that helps famous individuals and athletes market their digital assets.

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