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MoonPay Purchases World of Women NFT Valued $754,000 at Christie’s


Emerging cryptocurrency exchange company, MoonPay has topped the bidding chart and has purchased a sought-after World of Women (WoW) NFT. The sale was managed by the British auction firm Christie’s, as announced in a report. 

MoonPay acquired the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) from the WoW collection, in favor of a buyer that remains anonymous. The cost of the purchase is expected to be made in either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), two of the acceptable crypto payment methods at Christie’s.

The crypto merchant lavished a whooping sum of $754,340 (£567,000) on the digital collectible, dubbed WoW #5672, making it the most priced piece that World of Women has ever sold. A collection whose most price pieces were previously valued at £300,000-£500,000.

The NFT art collection is known for celebrating women artists, inclusivity, and equality and per the update, the auction sale was a historic moment for them and for everyone that were witnesses to the London Evening Sale.

The beautiful piece is feminine crafted and its features include a night goddess skin tone and a tuxedo are among the distinctive features of the outfit. The purchase was made amidst several other globally recognized works of art, from the likes of David Hockney, Keith Haring, and Pablo Picasso.

MoonPay is well known to have created a platform where users can sell their digital currencies through credit cards. Added to this, the firm developed a “concierge service” that has made it quite easy for celebrities to purchase NFTs or digital assets without having to go through the difficult process of first creating a wallet, funding their crypto, buying an NFT with the cryptocurrency and then holding the asset. 

The exchange firm buys Non-Fungible Tokens on behalf of “high net worth individuals”, manages their accounts for them, then invoices them to pay for all services rendered.

WoW continues to attract the attention of global investors in cryptocurrency. Earlier this week KPMGin Canada, professional accounting services provider made an announcement that it is purchasing its first NFTs, one of the pieces in the WoW collection, a move it made to identify with the cause the collection represents.

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