Monster Energy Drink Signals Interest in the Metaverse as it Files for Trademark


As the acceptance of crypto rises worldwide, many mainstream organizations have been drifting towards it, the latest addition to the crypto space is Monster Energy.

Monster Beverage Corporation, makers of Monster Energy drink, has recently submitted applications in relation to non-fungible tokens NFTs and services regarding metaverse with the body responsible for patents and trademark protection in the United States, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Information from the USPTO website suggests that the Beverage Company is eager to partake in the growing NFT circle with about four different patent applications; all filled with the USPTO on the 18th of February. 

Downloadable virtual goods in the field of beverages, food, supplements, sports, gaming, music, and apparel will be the focus of the first application. The downloaded elements will be verified by NFTs.

The second application shows an online retail marketplace for buying and selling virtual goods, blockchain tokens, digital assets, and more while the third application targets entertainment services regarding virtual apparel. The last application details provision of software-driven by blockchain technology for the effective transfer of digital assets between users.

The processing of the first trademark application is expected to be completed in at least 7 months according to the uploaded data by the USPTO. Should the application be successful, it would complement the Beverage company’s interest in the crypto ecosystem as it partnered with a cryptocurrency trading platform SmartFi last month.

There has been an increase in mainstream firms joining and partaking in the NFT world. Amongst the firms that have applied for a similar patent thus far include the world’s largest stock market exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, and McDonald’s filed a trademark for “McMetaverse” restaurants.

Similarly, Meta Platforms Inc, known previously as Facebook has also made a series of bold moves to join the Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto worlds by first changing its name to reflect proposed initiatives it plans to establish in the metaverse with some patents filed in key jurisdictions since last year.

Metaverse seems to be enjoying participation from all spheres of life as football club Manchester United has also partnered with Tezos in an attempt to build new fan engagements on blockchain and the metaverse as a whole.

The fashion world isn’t left out as well, as fashion magazine L’OFFICIEL also announced its entrance into the metaverse with its virtual clothing designs linked to the magazine’s database.

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