Mastercard Files for 15 Metaverse and NFT-Linked Trademarks


World-renowned online payment infrastructure and financial services company, Mastercard has filed for trademarks associated with Metaverse and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The filings were registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, otherwise known as USPTO. According to the release, the applicant will be processing payments in the virtual world using a credit card, debit card, or even prepaid card.

As confirmed by the USPTO, the filing was made on the 4th of April, and it is awaiting approval. 

As per patronizing the use of digital collectibles, the document revealed that Mastercard filed for, “Downloadable music files authenticated by non-fungible tokens; downloadable multimedia files containing artwork, text, audio, and video authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).”

The Metaverse is not left out in the filings, the online payment services firm applied to provide “financial information in the metaverse and other virtual worlds; charitable fundraising services in the metaverse and other virtual worlds; financial sponsorship of cultural events, charitable events, concerts, sporting events”, as well as many other infrastructures on the virtual platform as proposed by Mastercard.

Mastercard has embraced the craze of cryptocurrency assets patronage for a while now, owing to its constantly progressive nature with the use of innovative technologies. 

The New York-based company announced in February that it is partnering with firms that are driven by digital transformation to facilitate the use of crypto assets in helping its customer base to achieve their virtual currency investments dreams.

The firm also promised to help central banks in developing and designing CBDCs using its research platforms to achieve that purpose. Mastercard however joins other online payment services companies in exploring the business opportunities in the crypto sphere.

Last month, Visa, another firm that provides online payment services infrastructure across the world announced that it is launching a program aimed at empowering digital content creators to achieve their dreams with the use of NFTs.

With the announcement of the launch of the program, the firm also purchased an NFT of a former professional athlete, Micah Johnson, called Aku.

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