Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Manchester City Names OKX as Official Exchange Partner

With the ongoing trend of crypto partnership and adoption, Manchester City, an English football club, has jumped on the train and openly declared OKX as its authorized digital currency exchange partner. According to Man City, the activities and benefits of the partnership are not gender-neutral and will be available for the male and female teams and likewise involve the club’s electronic games/e-sports.

OKX prides itself as the globally recognized 2nd massive crypto exchange and this is the initial entry of the exchange into the sports industry. The exchange has a client base of over 20 million users and is recognized for having a high level of security on its platform while providing users with innovative products.

Manchester City’s contract with OKX only further aligns the club with its core aims, goals, and objectives which include stimulating creativity, improvement of talent, and technical evolution. Roel De Vries who is the current COO of the City Football Club expressed Manchester City’s excitement over the pact. 

Roel asserted that having OKX in its corner is in alignment with the club’s standards. Meanwhile, OKX CEO, Jay Hao has also agreed with the statement from Roel. He applauded the club’s community spirit saying it is a common ground for both entities. 

The partnership’s mode of operation will include the exchange’s presence in all of Man City’s stadium locations as a club. Future innovative projects will be explored together to create an exclusive user experience for its global clientele and fans respectively.

Huge Partnership For Innovations

Prior to this deal, OKX partnered with Jump Crypto and other investors in a fundraiser for Ref Finance which pulled $4.8 million to promote the growth of DeFi and the general digital currency ecosystem. The fund generated will be utilized to broaden the team to enhance the continuity of creating commodities that belong to DeFi.

The price of the Manchester City contract with OKX has not been disclosed but is expected to be in millions of dollars, especially when compared with the related partnerships from the exchange and the club’s competitors like Manchester United who inked

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