Liberty Gaming Guild Onboards Maurizio Barbieri as CCO


Liberty Gaming Guild, a fast-growing protocol in the decentralized gaming world, has bolstered its management team with the onboarding of Maurizio Barbieri. As contained in an announcement published by the platform, Maurizio, who often calls himself a “Giant Nerd”, will take over the reins of affairs as the Guild’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), a well-deserved position considering his depth of experience in the broader tech world.

The onboarding of Maurizio as the CCO of Liberty Gaming Guild is essential at this time when many blockchain gaming startups are springing up. With his inclusion into the team, Maurizio will help Liberty Gaming Guild to navigate the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gaming terrain with the aim of charting the right course to be the leading guild to support gamers and NFT owners in this new economy.

Designed as the next generation guild, Liberty Gaming Guild aims to be the ‘gateway’ for gamers to gain access to previously expensive and generally inaccessible NFTs within blockchain gaming, as well as providing an ecosystem for them to learn and thrive within the new gaming era.

The platform brings to life the true meaning of decentralization as it draws members from across the world, as well as people of all ages and experiences to benefit from its stockpile of gaming assets hosted. Operationally, Liberty Gaming Guild offers a number of scholarships where it trains interested gamers on how to navigate the NFT and Play-2-Earn (P2E) world. In order to bolster its reach in the ecosystem, it also plans to invest in a number of NFTs, all in a bid to continually develop, engage and contribute to the crypto gaming metaverse.

The Maurizio Barbieri Advantage

Coming into the Liberty Gaming Guild, Maurizio Barbieri brings along more than two decades of experience working with tech companies and startups.

Maurizio entered the digital field in 1999 where he worked with MP Web, an arm of Mediapartners Group, arguably Italy’s most prestigious sports agency at the time. Maurizio helped grow MP Web through the production and distribution of digital content for the emerging media of that time. MP Web and the entire Mediapartners Group were later acquired by Infront Sports and Media, a transition that pushed Maurizio to the position of MD.

Over the years, Maurizio has proceeded to work for Samsung Asia in Singapore, and Twitter amongst others. The experiences he brings to the table include working with new technology as evidenced in the products and services he has spearheaded over the years. 

While gaming guilds are not uncommon in general, those catering to NFT protocols and the blockchain world are generally few. With how prolific Maurizio has been over the years, his impacts are bound to be experienced in a short while at Liberty Gaming Guild.

Despite its newness, Liberty Gaming Guild is committed to excellence and this has not only been reflected in the protocol’s product designs, its growing community and management team also reflects this sentiment in a whole lot of ways.

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