Lacoste Launches its NFT Collections Dubbed UNDW3 in Web3 Debut


World-renowned fashion brand Lacoste has joined a foray of fashion outfits s to launch its first NFT collection named Underwater (UNDW3). According to the statement issued by the company, owners of the digital collectible will be able to customize the virtual asset on their products when ordered.

The French based clothing company believes that the Metaverse as well as every tool that makes virtual reality a possibility is the future of technology. The digital assets collection is launched to give its members a unique experience in the blockchain network which will enable them to “experience collaborative fashion in a new creative way.”

Amidst the bearish fall of the crypto ecosystem, Lacoste introduced a Discord server last week. The server was launched to set a precedent for this new collectible launch. In less than two days, the platform saw subscribers of nothing less than 30,000.

The UNDW3 project comprises 11,212 digital collectibles. The digital assets will be sold for 0.08 ETH each, which is an equivalent of approximately $120. According to the statement, the virtual asset collection will display the themed Lacoste crocodile rising from a dark pond or water, a beautiful image to behold.

Speaking on the new move, a representative for Lacoste said that the Underwater project testifies to the deepest desire of the fashion brand to pioneer innovations in the web3 space. She added that the NFT collection will succeed in ensuring that its subscribers across the world will remain connected.

This is not the first attempt of Lacoste at introducing a Web3 concept. The clothing firm had once partnered with a famous games company Minecraft to virtualize its clothing collections.

Global Fashion Brands and Web3 Innovations

The global fashion industry has yet again expanded its patronage of technologies and innovations into the web3 ecosystem.

Earlier in May, Gucci started accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Ethereum (ETH). Its local outlets in the US have continued to have continued to back innovations in this light. Shortly after, Balenciaga also followed in Gucci’s footsteps, despite the heavy downturn in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

TAG Heuer and Off-White, both luxury fashion brands have also sponsored innovations in the blockchain industry.

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