Friday, October 7, 2022

Just In: Co-CEO of Alameda Research exits firm

Sam Trabucco will no longer act as a co-chief executive officer at Alameda Research. Moments ago, he took to his Twitter page to officially announce the decision to step down from his position.

In the long thread, Trabucco hinted that the decision is personal as he needs some time to cool off the steam of crypto. He also added that he’ll remain as an advisory to the firm while tipping co-CEO Caroline Ellison as the sole CEO henceforth.  

Recalling however, it was just last October that Trabucco and Caroline were announced by Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) as co-CEOs.  Caroline worked her way up the ladder since joining the firm as a trader back in 2018.

Trabucco gives reasons for leaving Alameda Research

Trabucco admits that for a while now, he has not been committing enough time to the activities of the firm. And according to him, this cannot fly, especially considering his position at the firm.  However, his reason for not having enough work time recently is that he is at a happy place in his life.

Trabucco says he has been travelling, and paying friends and family a lot of visits. He also claims that he bought himself a boat, adding how he enjoys every moment of his unwinding state.

Insisting that he’ll stay on as an advisory, the quant trader claims that he isn’t looking to come up with a new cryptocurrency project soon. At least, not yet. He wrote:

“I don’t currently have other projects lined up or anything, but I wouldn’t rule anything out in the future once I feel more recovered.”

Alameda Research, is a trading platform that boasts of daily transactions running into billions of dollars worth of crypto. Founded by SBF in November 2017, the affairs of the firm have since been transfered to the co-CEOs so that he could focus on his FTX exchange.

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