Japanese Mobile Messenger LINE on Track to Support Crypto Payments


LINE Pay Corporation, operator of the fintech service for the LINE messaging app and LINE pay digital wallet, declared openly today that it will offer LINE’s Crypto asset LINK as an alternative for payment. The payment service will be made available at some of its affiliated online merchants for a specific time ranging from March 16 to December 26, 2022.

During this period, users will be eligible to use LINK at LINE Pay online merchants just like LINE Points, charges exclusive. By connecting LINK to LINE Pay as a permanent remedy,  LINE Pay strives at ending the gap amongst users, money, and services for cashless payments and digital wallet services, thereby intensifying the growth and convenience in the usage for LINK.

It has also been announced that the smart wallet will also encourage users to request digital Visa cards from the LINE App and subsequently use their cards to make seamless payments using mobile devices. This offer also connects to users traveling outside their country.

LINK (LN), a crypto asset issued on the LINK Blockchain (Previously known as link chain) is a new form of investment with scarcity. It is the base coin of the LINE Blockchain that’s allocated to users based on their development in the network. LINE Bitmax, the first crypto asset exchange in Japan to offer LINK, allows users to pay commission fees with LINK or with a LINE Pay account or bank account when trading crypto assets.

Young-Su Ko, CEO of LINE Pay and LINE’S Fintech company said in a statement that LINE Pay is more than just a payment method. He also noted that LINE Pay is geared towards giving additional value to its users globally, not excluding business partners as the world transitions into a cashless one.

LINE Tech Plus, a subsidiary of LINE Corporation of Japan and operator of LINE’s multinational crypto asset and blockchain-related companies, has also undertaken several endeavors intended for leveraging LINK to facilitate the growth of a cashless society. These include commencing campaigns on LINE Pay through marketing and performing several research.

LINE Pay hopes to include other crypto-assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin as payment alternatives and maintain union with blockchain companies. In respect to their notion of “Designed for Everyone,” LINE Blockchain concentrates on uniting LINK with users’ everyday lives and enhancing the growth of crypto assets.

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