Hugo Boss Launches NFT Collections in Partnership With Imaginary Ones


Hugo Boss, a global luxury fashion company announced its partnership with renowned Web3.0 company, Imaginary Ones to take its apparel into the metaverse. According to the announcement today, HUGO Boss will launch a “holistic, 360-degree metaverse experience”.    

The launch makes the German fashion giant the latest entrant into the NFT and metaverse bandwagon. Aimed at inspiring everyone to connect with their emotions, the collection dubbed “Embrace Your Emotions” (EYE) will launch in November. According to the press release, EYE is a limited collection featuring 1,001 three-dimensional (3D) animations.

With EYE, Hugo hopes to spread the message that all feelings, positive or negative are valid and should be embraced. Significantly, the collection will also allow the freedom to feel and express as this in turn will improve the overall well-being and mental health of people. 

Interestingly, the collection will benefit a charitable cause that is intended to mark World Mental Health Day on October 10. Proceeds gotten on that day will be donated to Youth Aware of Mental health (YAM).

Going forward, HUGO and Imaginary Ones’ partnership will provide value to holders of the collection. They also intend to explore several methods in order to have exceptional experiences in the metaverse.

In conclusion, all holders of a HUGO x Imaginary Ones NFT will have access to the Imaginary Ones staking ecosystem. This will give the holder opportunity to have digital HUGO wearables as well as HUGO-themed Imaginary Ones’ drops.

Fashion brands integrate NFTs

Since coming into the limelight in 2021, several brands from different industries have adopted the technology. Notably, the fashion industry has on a large scale delved into the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Earlier in June, Lacoste, a renowned fashion brand launched its NFTs collection named Underwater (UNDW3). Each of the 11,212  was sold for 0.08 ETH. Also, luxurious designer Salvador Ferragamo opened an NFTs booth in the SoHo district of New York. This was part of a broader concept store for the designer.

With NFTs, several top brands have been able to interact more with their customers, offering them exclusive rights like never before. According to a Dune Analysis data back in August, brands like Adidas, Gucci, Nike, and Tiffany, realized no less than $260 million in NFTs sales.

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