Google Wants to Increase Product Functionalities With Blockchain Technology


In a recorded call, Alphabet Inc CEO Sundar Pichai shared the company’s research on the blockchain sphere and how it may benefit Web3.0, and the company’s plans to integrate it into some of the company’s core products services.

With the evolution of the internet of things, Google’s parent company sees a reason to move with the trend of internet innovation and meet up with the improving technology world.

When asked how the company views Web3.0, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet inc., responded by saying that there are several areas of interest for Alphabet, hinting specifically at augmented reality and exploring how blockchain technology may be utilized to power computing and service layers like YouTube and Google Maps.

Sundar Pichai further said he is impressed with novel innovations and finds it ideal to provide support to such technological milestones.

“The web has always evolved, and it’s going to continue to evolve, and as Google, we have benefited tremendously from the open-source technologies, so we plan to contribute there,” he said.

Google AI Upgrade With Web3 And Blockchain Technology.

Sundar Pichai in his review emphasized improving the AI system and the search engine, to further provide sophisticated assistance to users. He stated the possibility of searching with an image and ensuring the improvement of voice search through blockchain technology.

Pichai realized the urgency to embrace this new technology as he noticed the participation of competing organizations in the likes of Block, Twitter, Microsoft, and Meta as they have previously unveiled their plans for web3 and services that utilized cryptocurrency.

Social media and tech giant, Twitter, has already initiated a tipping offer with cryptocurrency on their platform. Where users can be tipped with cryptocurrency directly on the platform.

Blockchain technology is the future of the internet of things and Alphabet does not want to be left out from the technology that will change the nature of the internet.

Bright Felix
Bright Felix is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency journalist, and also a Financial Analyst in the foreign exchange market, who fancies writing about the innovative proceedings of Blockchain technology and its application in real life to further broaden the general acceptance and incorporation of the modern technology. His passion to instil knowledge in people on the aspect of the present invention on the Blockchain space is what motivates his adept participation in every area that contributes to expanding the awareness of Blockchain technology.

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