GameStop NFT Marketplace Goes Live on ImmutableX


ImmutableX, a Layer 2 protocol scaling solution on Ethereum (ETH) announced the integration of the GameStop Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Presently, the video game retailer’s NFT marketplace has gone live on the ImmutableX blockchain platform.

GameStop launched its digital asset self-custodial wallet in May and signed a partnership with ImmmutableX at the beginning of Q1. Notably, the partnership deal was in relation to its NFT marketplace which was designed for game lovers and crypto enthusiasts. Also, the marketplace unlocked a whole new access to Web3.0 games and NFT gaming assets to players and loyal customers.

Some of the few Web3.0 games which users can access are Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, and Illuvium. Furthermore, GameStop introduced a $100 million fund for artists to create on the marketplace.

Now that the GameStop NFT marketplace has been integrated into ImmutableX, the users stand to benefit from 100% gas-free and carbon-neutral minting and non-stop trading. All of these perks project GameStop as an attractive solution for new players in Web3.0.

GameStop Partners With ImmutableX

Robbie Ferguson, President, and Co-founder of ImmutableX said 

“Our partnership with GameStop is an important step forward as Immutable brings the next billion players to web3 gaming. Today’s launch of the GameStop NFT Marketplace means that we can now provide access to millions of additional NFTs, more of the top web3 games being developed today while maintaining a best-in-class experience for players.”

“We are excited to continue to deepen Immutable’s relationship with GameStop and are looking forward to building the future world of web3 gaming together,” he continued.

Since its partnership with ImmutableX, GameStop has not stopped building its Web3.0 integrations. In July, the video game retailer pulled in $7.2 million after linking up with Layer 2 scaling protocol Loopring. Together, they facilitated the process of performing transactions for its beta marketplace launch.

Recently, GameStop announced a possible partnership with Sam Bankman-Fried cryptocurrency exchange FTX. 

In June, ImmutableX President Ferguson announced an investment fund of $500 million for Web3 gaming startups. The fund was targeted toward the growth and infrastructural development in the Web3 gaming arena. Creators of NFTs were also given access to this fund.

Victoria Nye
A Blockchain columnist who is enthusiastic about developing a network interface between the real world and the cryptosphere.

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