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ESPN Partners With Tom Brady’s Autograph to Release an NFT-Themed Documentary


ESPN has announced its collaboration with ex-football professional, Tom Brady’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) firm, Autograph in a multi-year deal.

According to the press release, the partnership will be featuring a documentary series based on an NFT collection of the former football star tagged “Man in the Arena: Tom Brady.” The documentary will be produced by Religion of Sports, which archives the exploits of Tom in all his years on the pitch. 

Religion of Sports, which is a company co-founded by Tom, joined with Autograph to create the featured NFT collection. The digital collectible series will be featuring Tom as well as prominent individuals that have been part of his notable success story.

The deal is the first of ESPN’s collaboration which will be featuring a documentary series and an NFT collection, one that is believed to herald more patronage between digital collectible companies and the international channel.

Tom retired from professional football earlier this year armed with the determination to face his family and also develop his businesses, one of which is Autograph which has been in full operation since April last year.

The NFT collection will be available for viewing only on Autograph.io and will be sold on DraftKings Marketplace, a virtual collectibles platform exclusive to the sales of NFTs. Simultaneously, the documentary series will be watched on the following channels, Hulu, ESPN+ as well as Disney+ for a short period of time.

Giving his comment on the partnership, Kevin Lopes the Vice President, of Sports Business Development & Innovation at ESPN said that the global cable channel is elated to introduce its first NFTs to its supporters and that it is committed to constantly engaging its fans with new and inventive concepts.

Stating further Lopes said,

“We are thrilled to partner with Autograph for this collection and others in the future.”

There have been several reactions on social media about the collaboration, some received the news with utmost excitement, while others are still skeptical about the potential outcome of the deal.

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