Editorial policy

Our Goal

CryptoMarketsBeat is focused on refining the passiveness of the digital currency ecosystem by creating and publishing well-detailed and timely news updates as it relates to blockchain, crypto, finance, payments, technology, and FinTech. We also publish updated trends and happenings in the payment ecosystem.

We are an independent crypto news platform with skilled writers focused on providing a detailed and global perspective on the events and trends refining the crypto ecosystem 

Editorial Policy and Guidelines

Content Quality

CryptoMarketsBeat Content Team is focused on reporting and publishing only accurate, objective, and unbiased news articles. We ensure to check our sources, cross-check facts, corroborate statements and quotes written in our articles, prevent misinformation, and report real news and happenings. We are committed to refining the blockchain and crypto media space by promoting efficient, responsible, and unbiased Journalism. 


Our Content team is to provide objective, unbiased, and timely news content without any influence from CryptoMarketsBeat Owners, Directors, or any other third parties. 

CryptoMarketsBeat employees are not restricted from owning or investing in cryptocurrencies, any blockchain-related projects, or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in any capacity or level. 

But to promote transparency and objectivity it is important that employees and contributors adhere to a few disclosure guidelines which are:

  • All writers or contributors writing about any digital assets or projects they own or are invested in are required to disclose their holdings (not necessarily the amount) in a disclaimer at the bottom of the particular article.
  • All writers or contributors are required to disclose their involvement in any project they are writing on that they are personally invested or involved in one way or the other at the end of the article.


Our editorial team thoroughly reviews all news articles, data, and other information before they are published on the site. 

Attributions and Citations

CryptoMarketsBeat writers and contributors are required to attribute any comment or quotes that they use in their articles to the rightful owners as concerned with the speakers, graphics, images, or any other digital assets.


Our writers are required to make reference only to high-quality and reputable sources when writing news articles and corroborating the information or data in them. 

Authors Opinions

The opinions, positions, views, suggestions, comments, or strategies expressed by our writers and contributors in editorial pieces or any article on the site are theirs alone and do not reflect the views, opinions, positions, or strategies of CryptoMarketsBeat.


Although CryptoMarketsBeat accepts payment to publish sponsored articles, press releases, and featured articles, we do not and can not guarantee any claims or suggestions made in those articles, and also do not guarantee that the published project or paid article content is legal in any of our reader’s location. Thus, content published on the site is strictly for educational or promotional purposes and should not be taken as investment advice. 

Readers are advised to do their own research before investing in any blockchain or cryptocurrency-related projects, even the ones posted on our website. Also know the laws relating to cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects, and ICOs in your country or region.

Kindly reach out to us with your feedback and concerns regarding our Editorial Policy by contacting us via our Contact Page or send us an email at