eBay Partners OneOf to Release its first NFT Collections


Leading e-commerce store eBay in collaboration with environmentally friendly web3 platform, OneOf has launched its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The NFT drop holds a collection of tokenized collectibles that features National Hockey League (NHL) star, Wayne Gretsky.

The Gretsky-inspired NFTs are classified into four grades; green, gold, platinum, and diamond. All the NFTs were inspired by the NHL’s legendary images captured by sports newspapers.

According to eBay’s Dawn Block, this continues the firm’s commitment to providing priced and high-passioned items to its community.

The collection is already up for sale at the eBay marketplace. Its gold, platinum, and diamond grades priced at $25, $100, and $1500 respectively per item were already sold out at the time of this report.

The Gretsky-themed NFTs which were minted on Ethereum’s scaling protocol Polygon can be resold on the OneOf marketplace.

As of now, only three users have offered platinum-graded NFTs at $199. One gold-graded NFT has also been listed for $69.

Potential customers can access the items at eBay.com/oneofgretzkynft.

The move by eBay to use an admired athlete like Gretsky as the face of its introductory entry into curating and selling NFTs is a calculated one. The California-based company has plans to release NFT exhibitions of other superstars’ athletes all through 2022. It is also striving to welcome more users to Web3 ecosystem.

Commenting on the development, OneOf’s Lin Dai mentioned that a user doesn’t have to be versed in crypto to trade and collect NFTs. OneOf’s partnership with eBay has targeted onboarding the next 100 million crypto novices into the Web3 ecosystem.

Industries integrates NFTs

Early this year, the CEO of eBay, Jamie Iannone in a report had mentioned to the media that the firm is considering the acceptance of crypto for payment of commodities.

He further added that the firm is currently studying the virtual assets so as to ensure proper structures are put in place to integrate them into its system. As the web3 ecosystem continues to soar, several industries have joined the NFT moving train.

Meta Platforms Inc. is reportedly working on plans to integrate NFTs into its flagship application Facebook and Instagram. U.S investment company, VanEck earlier in the month also launched NFT for its community.

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