DoJ Charges Two for Attempting to Rob a Household of Millions in BTC


The United States DoJ has charged two individuals, Dominic Pineda and Shon Morgan for attempting to steal millions in Bitcoin (BTC) from a US household. According to the press release, the two suspects allegedly committed the crime in May 2020 but were arrested recently.

The US Attorney of the Southern District of New York, Damian Williams noted that the facts of the case provide that the suspects “participated in a violent plan to break into a family’s home”. The event happened at the night and the attorney promised that justice will be served accordingly.

The suspects allegedly perpetrated the act in an Irvington neighborhood in New York. They planned the attack for a period of seven days and believed that the target home had cash and crypto worth tens of millions in dollars that they could cart away with.

The individuals broke into the home of their victim and demanded the passcode to a private key. It seems the attempt was foiled, being that the press release didn’t say if the individuals actually carted with the loot of the theft or not.

The FBI collaborated with other US government institutions to succeed in this investigation. The suspects were arrested in Virginia and they will be facing a maximum sentence of 20 years if proven guilty.

The US government and its institutions have usually kept a close radar on the perpetrators of crypto-related crimes. The country maintains an ecosystem that does not tolerate fraud, cybercrime, and all the like.

In April, the US DoJ sentenced a US citizen, Virgil Griffith to more than five years in prison. The Ethereum (ETH) developer got the sentence for aiding North Korea in evading sanctions.

Also in the same month, the Justice Department seized crypto assets worth $34 million from a Florida resident. The individual used an illegal darknet web platform to sell off the hacked account information of users of Netflix, HBO, and Uber.

The US Secret Service, after cracking down on various illegal crypto dealings in April also confiscated cryptocurrency assets worth $102 million. While the identities of the owners of the digital assets were kept discreet, justice was served accordingly.

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