Dogecoin Founder All Out For ‘Memecoin’ Developers, Tells Spammers to Back Off His Thread


Founder of the Dogecoin (DOGE) Billy Markus, expressed his displeasure towards the abuse of ‘memecoin’. According to his statement, this imitation of crypto (memecoin) has made the internet less fun and worse in every way.

The crypto founder is getting more frustrated by the day at the amount of spam involving memecoins that he had received on his Twitter account. He has retaliated by firing back at the spammers with some hard truth tweets.

Dogecoin is a meme coin designed to make fun of cryptocurrency speculations. It is also a Proof-of-Work (PoW) coin like Bitcoin (BTC). Billy Markus describes how Dogecoins were the true reflection of meme coin during its creation about eight years ago. DOGE was developed to make a mockery at ‘idiotic coins’ back in its early days.

Markus pinpoints that presently memes found do not identify as memes any longer. This he associated with the fact that the creation of memes has been based on the motive of people trying to get rich by defrauding each other.

He talked about how Binance Smart Chain tokens have not failed to worsen the atmosphere of the internet. According to him, these cryptos have “made the internet worse in every way.” He also mentioned that the internet gives lesser fun with these token adverts.

The Dogecoin founder has asked spammers to back off from his Twitter threads and face their gambling if that’s what they decide to do. Although Markus has pointed out his frustrations, the spam perpetrators are not backing off.

DOGE Market Capitalization Track

After Tesla CEO, Elon Musk publicly campaigned for Dogecoin and also called out America’s biggest fast-food giant McDonald’s, saying he would eat a happy McDonald meal on TV if the fast-food adopted Dogecoin as a means of payment on its platform, DOGE took off with a bang at the time. The growth of the coin has always been amongst the high flyers in the cryptosphere.

The coin is currently maintaining its position as one of the top 9 cryptocurrencies by its market cap. Though there had been an earlier drop by 4.23% of the coin’s market capitalization as of the time of writing, its currently trading at $0.1227. Experts are still positive that there may be greater returns from DOGE in the near future.

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