Developing Countries Are Metaverse Enthusiast, WEF Survey Shows


Seeking out the amount and magnitude of impact which the Metaverse will have on the lives of an individual and a nation, a survey was carried out by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The findings were computed by the third-largest market research firm Ipsos.

The survey which was conducted within 15 days, spanned from April 22 to May 6. About 29 countries all over the world participated, ranging from developed countries to developing countries. About 21,000 adults were put into age ranges for a fair sample population.

Countries like Australia, the United States, South America, Malaysia, Turkey, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, Belgium, Japan, Italy, and 17 others were featured.

Results from the Ipsos Survey

From the polls, it was discovered that developing countries are more enthusiastic about the Metaverse and its effect on their standard of living. When compared to developed countries, it was discovered that people in developing countries are more likely to engage in the Metaverse in their daily activities.

The amount of excitement exuded by these countries doubles that of the high-income economies of the world. Gathering a poll of different digital and blockchain concepts, virtual reality (VR) had a recognition level of 80%, followed by augmented reality (AR) at 61%, and the Metaverse which had 52%

The proposed use of virtual reality (VR) in some of these countries has enjoyed a breakthrough, especially in countries like Turkey (94%), Peru (93%), Poland (93%), and Hungary (93%) where the highest use was observed.

Persons who accepted to be familiar with the metaverse were about 52% of the total population under the survey. Another 50% were found to have an optimistic perception about immersing XR in their daily lives.

Of the 52% that were familiar with XR, the under 35 age grade were found to have a higher familiarity percentage (62%), while age-grade 50-74 had 37%.

Generally, the high-income countries showed less participation or interest in the Metaverse.

JPMorgan had earlier in the year floated a virtual lounge in the Metaverse. Toyota and Nissan have also made their journey into the Metaverse. HSBC also launched a metaverse portfolio for its Asian professional investors, affirming the reality that metaverse related concepts are growing at a fast pace

Victoria Nye
A Blockchain columnist who is enthusiastic about developing a network interface between the real world and the cryptosphere.

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