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Coinbase Exchange Gears up to Onboard 2,000 New Staffs


American cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase Global Inc has presented its plans to expand its labor strength by adding 2000 employees in 2022. According to the blog post by the firm, this move is due to the huge opportunities perceived to come up in the future for Web3.0.

Coinbase prides itself as a company that places a premium on improving the standard of living and championing the economic freedom of its employees. Although no physical office location has been identified, the firm is known to be involved in large volumes of crypto exchange ranging from buying and selling.

Coinbase’s Chief People Officer, L.J. Brock, emphasized the infancy stage of the firm’s growth but stated that having more young hires will help move Coinbase to an enviable height. The exchange company is also positive that future generations will appreciate cryptocurrency better after this addition.

Coinbase is currently expanding and after much consideration, has introduced an NFT marketplace into its product line. The San Francisco-based firm aims to improve the security of its platform, simplify the method of usage and its accessibility over time. The major teams slated for new workers are the product, design, and engineering teams respectively. 

The crypto marketplace reports that cryptocurrency has gained a notable level of recognition and acceptance. Firms are daily delving into the crypto space and are becoming more noticeable with Web3-focused innovations spreading quicker than anticipated.

Active Resurgence Experienced by Cryptocurrency

Generally, the cryptocurrency market cap has recently experienced a surge in its value. Based on the post made on Cryptomarketbeat, there was a 2% increase in digital currency valuation. Earlier today, the value rose from $1.86 trillion to $2.076 trillion according to data from Coingecko.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies have been impressively growing in value. The rate of adoption of digital currency in different nations is worthy of applaud. A number of economies in the world, particularly, El Salvador are openly declaring their legalization of digital assets, all boosting the positive optics of the ecosystem.

Coinbase’s timing to bring 2,000 new hires onboard is an innovative way to prepare for the future of cryptocurrencies. Scouting for young employees who will thrive in the working environment and fully embrace the work culture is what Coinbase exchange is currently searching for.

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