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Charles Hoskinson Decries “Ghost Chain” Accusations, Says Influencers are Spreading Lies About Cardano


Charles Hoskinson has recently issued a statement in response to an ongoing FUD about the Cardano platform. Hoskinson took to Twitter to sound a note of warning to his followers regarding what he believes might be a targeted campaign to defame the platform.

Cardano hit by negative criticism

According to Hoskinson, a large number of social media users are already peddling misinformation about the blockchain. However, he also noted that that is a direct impact of the negative words of influencers. He said in part:

 “Fud-spreaders talking about the “ghost chain” again.” 

He cited a TikTok video in particular which appeared to talk down on the Cardano blockchain project. The creator said to his over 600,000 followers that people are fast losing interest in the project. The TikToker also said that for a project which boasts of such a huge market cap, the platform has come short of expectations. 

Lastly, the content creator heaped praises on Solana for being everything that Cardano is not.

Hoskinson responds to criticisms, claims they are untrue

In his Twitter post, Hoskinson recalled the first time the “ghost chain” accusations came to the fore. That was earlier in the year when news spread like wildfire that nothing was being developed on the Cardano platform. He says these are all just lies meant to merely drive traffic to the posts of the so-called influencers. 

Furthermore, Hoskinson argued that it is shallow thinking to correlate the recently discovered “catastrophic bug” with inactivity on the platform. Especially as the bugs are said to have already been fixed. Although the bugs were quickly fixed, that did not stop a community backlash. Some sections of the community believe it is unheard-of that a prominent chain such as Cardano, will have such issues before a testnet launch.

Lastly, the Cardano founder seized the opportunity to remind critics about some of the notable achievements of Cardano so far in 2022. 

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