Barcelona Mulling the Idea to Launch Own Token and NFT


The rate at which the acceptance of crypto by several organizations increases daily can not be overemphasized, and Barcelona Football Club is trying to flow with the tide.

The Football Club Barcelona commonly referred to as Barca has recently decided to launch its own applications that will feature Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and services focused on the metaverse. The announcement was made by the Club’s president Joan Laporta at the Mobile World Congress 2022 where he was a speaker.

Several crypto companies have earlier approached Barca over a possible partnership especially after Laporta’s re-election in March 2021. However, the club’s chief has continually rejected their offer stating that he wants the club to develop its digital currency and also generate extra sources of income aside from football.

The club is known for surviving and operating on its own with the help of just supporters and as such, the scenario is forcing the club to create its own cryptocurrency. Should this become a reality, the club will harness its broad imaginative capacity and the move will be a step forward in numerous areas that involves the sports industry. The club also intends to keep up with new market models which inspired its decision to enter the crypto market.

Laporta further elaborated that the club is analyzing ways to monetize the supporters that follow the club across the world to improve their financial status.

“It’s something we can share with our fans around the world-around 300 million of them”, Laporta added.

The fact that the club intends to develop opportunities to grow itself makes it unique and stand out. The club believes making its fans happy and winning titles should be the ultimate objective while fighting to explore additional benefits or gain from the sports industry. 

Many industries have announced plans to carry out NFTs based projects. One amongst many others is Monster Energy. The beverage company filed for a metaverse trademark covering virtual goods, online marketplace, and software application for blockchain technology as reported by cryptomarketsbeat.

Manchester United has also partnered with Tezos blockchain in a bid to harness the opportunities inherent in the digital currency ecosystem.

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