Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Bad Actors Trick Tens of Thousands of Viewers In Fresh YouTube Crypto Scam Attempt

In what appears to be a new YouTube crypto scam trend, tens of thousands of unsuspecting viewers were tricked into a fake livestream moments ago. It might be worth mentioning that Apple is not hosting any crypto-related event at the moment. But despite that, scammers have attempted to ride on the tech giant’s popularity, hoping to use it to lure potential investors to their crypto scam. 

The Apple-Inspired YouTube Crypto Scam

According to a report by The Verge, the sham of a video was actually an old interview that Apple CEO Tim Cook had with CNN in 2018. However, it would have passed for a real deal if not for some red lights that gave it away. This is because the stream went live around the time all eyes were on Apple following its big iPhone 14 announcement event.

Firstly, the stream had a strange title. It was tagged “Apple Event Live.” The scammer also added the Bitcoin and Ethereum logos to the video stream, and tried to conceal the CNN Money logo with a text that reads “Apple Crypto Event 2022.” These keywords including “URGENT NEWS,” ensured that the video surfaced at the top of video searches. Some users even claim that the stream was suggested to them.

Another red flag is that the channel’s URL does not in any way indicate a connection to Apple. That suggests that it may have been hijacked by the bad actors, moments before the fake livestream.

A Growing Trend

It is worth mentioning that this particular kind of crypto scam is gradually becoming a thing among bad actors. In fact, it may be that fraudsters are beginning to latch on to Apple events to perpetrate their evil intentions.

Recall that a similar thing happened last September. This was during another Apple event, trick fraudsters employed the same trick reeling in over 165,000 viewers at the time.

Usually, scammers use this trick hoping that gullible users will eventually click on links embedded therein. Those links, however, will then eventually lead them to fake websites advertising crypto scams.   

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