Axie Infinity’s Discord Server gets Breached as Users Receives Phishing Links


Popular play-to-earn non-fungible token (NFT) game Axie infinity has experienced yet another attack but this time on its Discord server. The attack resulted in the breach of its MEE6 bot.

The startup confirmed the attack in a Twitter thread in the early hours of Wednesday, adding that the hackers through the breached MEE6 granted access to a phony administrator account which was then deployed to broadcast announcements that included phishing links masquerading as NFT mints to its users.

MEE6 is a discord bot that lets administrators designate functions to its members and also send automated messages. The MEE6 is used by various crypto projects.

Axie Infinity’s team has since removed the breached MEE6 from its server and also deleted the misleading messages but mentioned that the message might still be visible to some of its users unless their Discord is refreshed.

The team also added that it had no plans of any surprise mint and will continue to give regular updates about the incident to its users through its various social media handles.

Aside from Axie Infinity, other Discord channels have also faced similar attacks suggesting that the commonly used MEE6 Discord might be compromised even though MEE6 through its official support channel assured that its bot has not been breached.

Axie Infinity’s battle with attacks

The Axie Infinity protocol once pitched as the revolutionary project for the gaming world has suffered several attacks which have battered its community’s trust leaving the project on a downward spiral as many of its users have abandoned the game.

Its Ronin Network suffered an exploit that saw it lose $625 million in what is now known as the largest Decentralized Finance (DeFi) hack on record back in March. The hack has since been tied to a North Korean hacker ring known as the Lazarus Group.

Also, the Axie Infinity Discord server suffered a similar hack in November last year and about 115 of its users collectively lost over $100K worth of Ethereum (ETH).

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