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AQUA Launch Flagship Marketplace For Trading In-Game NFTs


Gamers Web3.0 community platform, AQUA has officially launched a flagship marketplace for trading Web3.0 assets from its games. The community-inclined platform is seeking an additional strategy to introduce Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) trading to its users. 

Precisely, the Web3.0 game assets are NFTs that permit the transfer of in-game tools like weapons and armor into another game’s ecosystem. The AQUA marketplace provides a platform where these players can sell and equally buy those NFTs from another ecosystem. In detail, the AQUA marketplace will point out the featured game titles on its platform.

Therefore, AQUA is mulling the thought of entering strategic partnerships with top blockchain gaming platforms. So far, the Web3.0 platform has secured partnerships with three gaming titles and still hopes to add more soon. Amongst its newly listed gaming title is God’s Unchained and Guild of Guardians.

AQUA CEO Speaks About the Role of Gaming

“You can definitely go to OpenSea or a general purpose marketplace and purchase gaming assets. But we want gamers who are interested in, ‘How do I play this game? What do I do with these assets? How do I find other people to play with?’” AQUA Chief Executive Officer Sean Ryan said

Ryan continued “Gaming is going to be the primary venue for the next 300 million people to get into Web3. Gaming is the biggest, fastest-growing media on the planet and has some pretty technically adept folks who can put up with some of the friction that we see right now if they’re really excited about the game.”

The addition of in-game tokens and NFTs to Web3.0 games is the most exciting advanced investment in the ecosystem. It has boosted players’ involvement in the games and now, almost all blockchain games are backed by a native token. Therefore, players have to purchase these tokens before they are granted access to the games.

Equally important is the fact that AQUA received a $10 million investment capital from Steve Cohen-backed DIGITAL. This will go further to bolster the offerings which AQUA is putting out for its users.

Another platform that offers gamers friendly and accessible crypto games LootRush secured $12 million in a seed financing round from several venture firms to build on its goal.

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